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March 19 – 23, 2024
Charlottesville, VA

June 18-22, 2024
Charlottesville, VA

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The Auto Appraisal Group has been in business since 1989 and has certified over 230 agents who partner with AAG to provide the most respected certified appraisal services available in the United States. AAG’s auto appraisals are provided for insurance coverage, donations, prepurchase inspections, resale values, estate, divorce, total loss and diminished value claim settlements.

AAG’s certified agents are recognized as the best in the industry and are assigned the most elite car appraisal projects in the country. AAG appraised the Harold LeMay Collection, Bob McDorman’s collection, Chip Miller’s collection, The Sinkhole 8 at the National Corvette Museum, as well as many prestigious private collections.

AAG agents do not place a value on the cars they inspect. Final research and valuation analysis is completed at the company’s headquarters utilizing a centralized database which collects millions of sales and auction results each year.

A qualified candidate for our agent certification course should have experience and a special interest in classic and collectible cars, a professional attitude, good attention to detail and a willingness to network and travel within their local area. An investment is required. Agents receive commission and reimbursement of travel expenses on assignments.

Agency Benefits include:

  • Exceptional Growth Potential
  • Low Overhead
  • Set Your Own Hours
  • Target Local Markets
  • Earn Money While Inspecting Cars in Your Local Area
  • On-going Research Support

For What It’s Worth

Auto Appraisal Group’s Definitive Blog about the world of automobile value.


“Besides meeting great people and seeing interesting cars, I like helping buyers so they are not taken advantage of by other and helping people get treated fairly after an accident or loss.”

JR Wills
Certified 2003 in Texas

“I like being an AAG agent because of the variety of cars & people that you meet, along with the ability to truly help people.”

Larry Kizer
Certified 2013 in Georgia

“As an AAG agent, I really enjoy seeing the cars, and now that I have retired from full time employment, it keeps my mind sharp. I also enjoy going to locations that are further away as I get to explore new places that I haven’t visited. It’s always interesting to hear the owner’s stories about their cars.”

Bill Tuikka
Certified 2002 in California

“Being an AAG agent allows me to always be learning and being “hands on” with so many different cars. I love cars and I love to help people. AAG lets me be able to do both as well as earning some extra income.”

Jim Lowrey
Certified 2009 in Alabama

“One of the best things about AAG is that you are out on your own, building your own business, and every day is something different . We look at so many different types of vehicles that it is always an adventure. Where else can you go and inspect a Tucker, Ferrari F-1 Racer, Bobcat Pay loader, Freightliner Tractor and a $500,000 custom 1955 Chevy – all in the same year? There is truly a family atmosphere at AAG. Company events and agent certification classes are a lot of fun. I go out to look at cars and meet people, and at the end of the month they send me a check for doing it. WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE!”

John Delaney
Certified 2001