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If you have questions about Prepurchase Inspections, chances are that we have the answers! Below are a few of the questions we hear the most often. Click on a question to see the answer.

What is a Prepurchase Inspection?

A prepurchase inspection is a detailed assessment by a qualified individual to document the condition of a vehicle to help the potential buyer make an informed decision to buy or not to buy.

Do I Need a Prepurchase Inspection?

Prepurchase inspections are recommended when buying a vehicle second-hand or when buying long-distance. If you are buying any vehicle second-hand, there is a chance the seller may not be telling the whole truth about the vehicle in order to sell it to you. This is especially true for classic vehicles, whose values can be highly subjective and require a specialized inspector.

What is the typical turnaround time for a prepurchase inspection?

Prepurchase inspections are considered a priority service. Most prepurchase inspections take place within 2-4 days of receiving your order. Agents will coordinate with the seller to schedule the onsite inspection as soon as possible. Rain could delay the inspection because most sellers will not take their special interest vehicles out in bad weather.

Can I schedule an inspection on a weekend?

Yes! Our agents are flexible and most are available to schedule appointments on weekends.

How soon will I be able to see the photos and condition report?

You will receive an email the next business day after the inspection, with a log-in and password when your condition report and photos are ready to view.  

When do I have to pay for the service?

We will authorize your credit card for the anticipated fee when you place the order. We will place the charge on your card, after the inspection takes place.

What are paint meter readings and what do they mean?

During the onsite inspection, the agent will go over the body of the vehicle and will test the thickness of the paint in a variety of different locations. The higher the reading the thicker the paint or Bondo under the paint. Look for inconsistent readings on the diagram to identify areas that may have been repaired and prepped with thick Bondo or filler before being repainted.

Can I speak with the inspector about the condition?

Yes! The agent will contact you before and after the onsite inspection. His role is to gather information to document the condition. He does not place a value on the vehicle and his initial call to you after the inspection will be a brief summary of the overall condition and experience during the inspection. The information he gathers will be reviewed and researched at the home office.

Does the Prepurchase inspection include a value consultation?

Yes! After you have viewed the photos and condition report, contact our office and we will schedule a phone call for your value consultation at no additional charge. This call will include a review of the information you received, our opinion of value based on what we found during the inspection and will answer any questions you have about the report.

What if I purchase the car and need an appraisal for a bank loan or insurance coverage?

We are happy to provide you with a certified appraisal for a lender or insurance coverage for an additional fee. We require a copy of the purchase agreement or bill of sale to confirm your ownership and can forward the report to your lender or insurer upon request.

Do you verify matching numbers on specialty vehicles?

Our information gathering does include documenting engine numbers when they are visible. The vehicle may need to be on a lift to clearly read some numbers. If the number is hidden by a part on the vehicle, we do not disassemble the vehicle during our inspection. If the seller wants to remove that part for us, we will photograph and document what we can see.

Is a test ride included?

We ask the seller to take us for a test ride in the vehicle during the inspection. Most sellers understand that this is important and that no test ride will likely mean no sale. Agents will document the operational aspects of the vehicle during the test ride.

What Does AAG Provide That Other Companies Don’t?

AAG agents are tested and certified to provide consistent results. They have extensive knowledge and backgrounds with vehicles! Our inspections include over 350 checkpoints throughout the vehicle. With that many checkpoints, our reports are much more thorough. When we quote our price for our service that includes everything, travel to the site, decoding, appraisal value consultations, etc. There are no hidden fees.

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“Larry, explained every detail about the vehicle I was going to buy. He went over and beyond. I made my decision due to his expertise. Thank you Larry!”

Lester F., 1951 Chevrolet Skyline
Prepurchase Inspection - Detroit, MI - 7/22/22

“Very professional approach to the business at hand, clear explanation of what they can do for you, would recommend them to everyone needing their services.”

Errol S., 1951 Chevrolet Styline
Prepurchase Inspection - Orlando, FL - 7/29/22

“I used AAG two times and they really did a great job for me. They sent an inspector out to not only look at the car but he took pictures of the car top, underneath and inside the car too. He documented every good and not so good areas that I would not have thought to look. The inspector was also able to drive the car too. Great job!! If you can’t go, I highly recommend sending AAG to go for you. Thank You AAG!!”

Doug Y., 1964 Mercury Comet
Prepurchase Inspection - Denver, CO - 11/17/22

“AAG is an outstanding company, Brad Youmans was a professional and did a great job on the pre-purchase inspection of my GMC Sprint and also the insurance appraisals on my 3 other classic cars I own. I talked with Larry over the phone and learned a lot from him. I have used other inspection companies before, and they all fall far short of AAG.”

Bill V., 1957 Chevrolet 3100
Prepurchase Inspection - 2/11/22

“Excellent service throughout the entire process. AAG explained the process at the beginning and followed through in each step, they were prompt and never in a hurry to answer questions. The pictures and explanations were very informative and the appraisal step made me realize that the car was priced substantially higher than the market analysis showed. I passed on the purchase as a result of AAG’s findings.”

Don K., 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury
Prepurchase Inspection - Chicago, IL - 11/16/22