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Classic Car Prepurchase InspectionIt can be a difficult and time-consuming process to do enough research to be certain your potential investment in an antique, vintage, or collector car is worth it. Tackle this process with confidence by having an independent classic car prepurchase inspection completed by an experienced, tested and certified AAG agent. Our prepurchase inspection service gives you the details and values to be sure your investment is sound or if you should walk away.

Buy with confidence with a pre-purchase vehicle inspection from AAG! Our inspectors provide detailed research and reporting on any type of vehicle, including classic, antique, and collector cars, as well as, late model used car drivers. Our reports include over 350 points on the condition of the vehicle, including photographs, title information, and pertinent receipts about any repairs or restorations. Before you buy your next vehicle, have an independent inspection completed by an experienced, tested and certified AAG agent. Our pre-purchase inspection service gives you the confidence to buy or walk away.

AAG Classic Car Prepurchase Inspections Include:

  • Consultation with the AAG Certified Agent before and after the vehicle inspection.
  • Over 350 point condition report crammed full of information documenting the condition and originality of the vehicle you wish to purchase.
  • Test ride results.
  • Detailed schematic of paint gauge readings.
  • The report and photos are available on our Pre-purchase Inspection Portfolio website to view and download.
  • The decoding of identifying numbers at no extra charge.
  • Detailed photographs of the vehicle, providing first-hand evidence of the vehicle’s condition, inside and out.
  • A copy of the title or registration and pertinent receipts or information made available by seller.
  • Value consultation with an appraiser at no additional charge.
  • If you purchase the vehicle, Certified Appraisal Certificate available for insurance coverage or lending requirements for a modest fee.

AAG Classic Car Prepurchase Inspection Advantages:

  • Over 30 Years of Experience.
  • Specializing in Antique, Classic, and Collector Cars.
  • Over 350 point vehicle inspection.
  • Over 100 clear photographs.
  • All inspectors are tested & certified.
  • Speak with the vehicle inspector before and after their inspection.
  • Prompt attention. Most prepurchase inspections are scheduled within 48 hours of the order.
  • Market value consultation with appraiser included.
  • Personalized customer service.
  • Independent and unbiased. AAG does not buy, sell, or broker automobiles.

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“Larry, explained every detail about the vehicle I was going to buy. He went over and beyond. I made my decision due to his expertise. Thank you Larry!”

Lester F., 1951 Chevrolet Skyline
Prepurchase Inspection - Detroit, MI - 7/22/22

“Very professional approach to the business at hand, clear explanation of what they can do for you, would recommend them to everyone needing their services.”

Errol S., 1951 Chevrolet Styline
Prepurchase Inspection - Orlando, FL - 7/29/22

“I used AAG two times and they really did a great job for me. They sent an inspector out to not only look at the car but he took pictures of the car top, underneath and inside the car too. He documented every good and not so good areas that I would not have thought to look. The inspector was also able to drive the car too. Great job!! If you can’t go, I highly recommend sending AAG to go for you. Thank You AAG!!”

Doug Y., 1964 Mercury Comet
Prepurchase Inspection - Denver, CO - 11/17/22

“AAG is an outstanding company, Brad Youmans was a professional and did a great job on the pre-purchase inspection of my GMC Sprint and also the insurance appraisals on my 3 other classic cars I own. I talked with Larry over the phone and learned a lot from him. I have used other inspection companies before, and they all fall far short of AAG.”

Bill V., 1957 Chevrolet 3100
Prepurchase Inspection - 2/11/22

“Excellent service throughout the entire process. AAG explained the process at the beginning and followed through in each step, they were prompt and never in a hurry to answer questions. The pictures and explanations were very informative and the appraisal step made me realize that the car was priced substantially higher than the market analysis showed. I passed on the purchase as a result of AAG’s findings.”

Don K., 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury
Prepurchase Inspection - Chicago, IL - 11/16/22