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AutomobiliaThere are many valuable items in the average collector’s garage! And they’re not just automobiles.

Many collectors have memorabilia related to the automotive industry. Items like signage, gas pumps or gas station items, gear shift knobs, hub caps, manuals, advertising literature and many other items associated with classic cars and vehicles have value too! Whether you are thinking about selling some of your collection, distributing it to your heirs or donating it to a museum, if your collection includes more than automobiles, AAG can help you appraise the value of a few items or your entire collection. The auto appraisers at AAG have plenty of experience appraising antique items relating to the automobile industry. AAG antique car appraisers have appraised large collections for both museums and private collectors. Our professional and detailed appraisal service can help you assess your inventory and establish the value of collections for insurance, estate, resale, donation and a variety of other purposes. Contact our office for more information.

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