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How much is your car worth? With AAG’s vehicle value appraisal services, you can find out! Auto Appraisal Group provides comprehensive value appraisal services for all types of vehicles from circa 1900 to present day, performed by certified agents, appraisers and experts in the industry. Specializing in classic cars, antique autos, street rods, motorcycles, and collectibles, AAG’s certified agents are tested to ensure professional appraisal services. Our services are also available for commercial, recreational and late model automobiles.

Our certified vehicle appraisals give you the information you need to independently determine the value of your vehicle for any purpose, all the while adding valuable documentation to your vehicle’s portfolio. For over 30 years AAG’s auto appraisals have been the best in the business, relying on extensive experience passed on by our master appraiser to provide consistent vehicle values and specialized appraisal reports.

Each vehicle is inspected onsite by a certified agent as part of AAG’s certified value appraisal services. During this inspection, we take photographs of the vehicle and gather pertinent historical information as available from the owner. To ensure consistency, our master appraiser oversees all research and valuations utilizing our centralized database. Schedule your vehicle appraisal today by giving us a call or completing our Schedule an Appraisal Form!