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Founded in 1989, Auto Appraisal Group is the only nationwide auto appraisal company that has trained and certified independent vehicle appraisal agents with a centralized database of comparables. This database is utilized by our master vehicle appraiser, who establishes car values based on consistent information gathering, research and comparables. AAG provides independent, certified auto appraisal services including inspections, car appraisals and research to determine condition and car value for customers regarding insurance matters, estate planning, donations, lending institution requirements, resale values and purchases of antique cars, collectible cars and special interest automobiles. Our car appraisers can give you the most accurate value for your car.

Collectible Car Experience

Auto Appraisal Group has over 150 auto appraisal agents who have been trained and certified to perform a physical classic auto inspection and document any type of automobile. The expertise of our car appraisers provides AAG with diverse knowledge from hands-on experience with a variety of makes and models ad classic car appraisals. AAG's auto appraisal agents are trained, tested and certified to consistently evaluate the condition of all types of special interest and collector cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Detailed on site vehicle inspections, extensive information gathering and personalized customer service are standard procedure for all classic car appraisals.


Auto Appraisal Group clients include car collectors, major lenders, Credit Unions, national auto insurers, U.S. government agencies, international companies, and respected automotive publishers.

Prepurchase Vehicle Inspections and Classic Car Values from Auto Appraisal Group - CredentialsResearch

Appraised autos are thoroughly researched by our car appraisers to verify correctness and originality. Car values are determined by our vehicle appraiser at the Home Office by comparing each auto to like models appraised and sold across the country. AAG uses vehicle appraisal experts from within the group and around the world to assist with the research of rare and antique autos in our classic car appraisals. AAG is a contributor to the N.A.D.A. price guide.

Harold LeMay Estate

Documented as the World's Largest Private Collection, AAG's vehicle appraisers have developed classic car appraisals on over 3000 automobiles for the Harold LeMay estate in 2001.

Expert Witness Testimony

AAG's certified auto appraisals are victorious in establishing independent documentation for insurance claims, misrepresented sales, diminished car values and estate or divorce settlements. AAG's founder and president, Larry Batton, has over 10 years of expert witness experience testifying in District and Federal Courts within the United States. A Case List is available upon request.

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Official Car Appraisers for Carlisle Productions

Since 1989, AAG has provided independent certified car appraisals on all of Carlisle Production's give-away autos. The new owner as well as the donor use AAG's independent car appraisal to establish the car's value for the IRS.


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