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Diminished Value Vehicle Appraisal Provides Information for Your Diminished Value ClaimWhat is diminished value and how do I know when I am entitled to it?

Diminution of value happens when a vehicle is wrecked or damaged in an accident. The vehicle is then repaired or restored back to road worthy condition. The insurance company agrees to pay the auto claim for the repairs. You have your vehicle back, but it's just not the same.

To help you understand your car’s diminished value, let's take a trip to the local car dealership. You've decided you may want to buy a vehicle. You know what make and model you're looking for and you find two of them sitting on the dealer's lot. You start to compare options, mileage and features and find they are practically identical. As the sales person explains the features available on each vehicle, you learn that one of the two cars was involved in an accident requiring substantial repairs. You are told that you can be assured that it is now good as new. But can you? Would you be willing to pay the same amount for a car that has been repaired?

AAG Diminished Value Claim Appraisal Advantages:

  • Extensive centralized database to assist in valuation & comparable research
  • Over 300,000 values added each month
  • Family-run organization that provides personalized customer service and certified agents.
  • AAG can mediate with other party's car appraiser
  • Nationwide support and coverage.

In a recent study, 43% of the people surveyed would not buy an auto that was in an accident, and 42% said they would buy a car that has been in an accident but only if it were being sold for a large discount.

So what does that say about your vehicle’s diminished value? Is it worth as much now that its been repaired as it was before the accident damage? Insurance companies have been wrestling with this question from their diminished value claimants for many years. Does your insurance company pay for diminished value claims? Has your car diminished in value because of the repairs required by an accident? How do you know?

You may not, but we do. AAG is your diminished value appraisal professional. We make it our business to know. Our diminished value vehicle appraisers attend auto auctions nationwide to gather information on automobiles sold that have sustained accident damage. Our vehicle appraisers then compare the sale price of these damaged and repaired vehicles to the sale price of those that have not been in an accident. This use of comparables gives us a percentage of loss of value for each type of diminished value claim. The results tell the story. Click here to complete our Diminished Value Range Form.

Diminished Value Claims by Auto Appraisal Group, A Nationwide Provider of Diminished Value Vehicle AppraisersDuring a recent dealer survey conducted by AAG, our independent car appraisers found that dealers diminished a vehicle's value by 15% to 50% because it had been involved in an accident requiring significant repairs. Even though repairs have been made properly, there is a loss of value due to inherent diminished value. Should repairs be done poorly, and not up to industry standards, there may be additional repair related diminished value to the automobile.

What are some of the factors that cause diminished value? Some, but not all of these factors are:

  • Overall percentage of damage to the auto versus its original value.
  • Year, make or model of the vehicle.
  • Any frame damage.
  • Use of non-OEM parts. Parts that are not the original parts placed on the car by the manufacturer.

What does this mean for you? Diminished value is the difference between what your auto was worth before the accident and after the repair.

Tort law states: Compensation for damages to personal property can include the reasonable cost of repair or restoration with due allowance for any difference between the original value and the diminished value after repairs.

Tax Deductible Diminished Value

An AAG certified diminished value claim appraisal can also assist you in determining the amount of loss you can claim as an itemized tax deduction on Form 4684 on your Federal tax return. The part of the loss not reimbursed by the insurance company is tax deductible. In many cases, the cost of the car appraisal can also be claimed as an itemized deduction. Let AAG help you determine your vehicle's diminished value so that you can be sure to create a diminished value claim that includes everything you are entitled to.

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