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Car Valuation Range by Certified Car Appraisers at Auto Appraisal GroupAAG provides Market Value Range services to determine a value range for a vehicle based on your description for Resale Value, Insurance Coverage Value, and Value Prior to Loss for a Totaled vehicle.

A value range is not an appraisal of the automobile. It is a range of values that this auto may be within. For current market value, we can provide a Certified Vehicle Appraisal including an onsite inspection by an AAG agent. If you order a certified car appraisal after getting an AAG Value Range on that vehicle, we will credit $75 towards the car appraisal fee.

To determine a vehicle valuation range for a specific vehicle, we use information that you supply about the condition of that vehicle. Please complete and submit the following form. Usually, a reply is emailed to you within one business day.

The fee for this service is $125. We accept payment by VISA, MasterCard, or Discover card for this service. If you do not have one of these cards, you may print, fill out, and mail this form with a check to AAG, P.O. Box 7034, Charlottesville, VA 22906.

Customer Information

Fill in the following fields to get started. (* indicates required field)
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Vehicle Information

NOTICE: AAG’s Market Value Range service is not available for one-off, prototype, custom built or highly modified vehicles.

(e.g.: XLT, Premium +, SE, Limited)
*Body Style
*Serial #
Odometer Reading
Explain if not actual mileage
Rate the condition of your vehicle:
Exterior Condition
Repainted? Yes
If yes, when?
(month & year)
Interior Condition
Has interior ever been restored? Yes
Mechanical Condition
How many miles is vehicle driven each year?
Is vehicle garage kept? Yes
Date Last Driven or Date of Loss
Drivetrain Information:
Engine Cylinder #
Engine Cubic inch or liter
Engine Horsepower
Engine Rebuilt? Yes
Engine Replaced? Yes
Transmission Type
Transmission Rebuilt? Yes
Transmission Replaced? Yes
Has vehicle ever sustained accident damage? Yes
List all options
Explain all "yes" answers in this section and provide additional vehicle information
What is the purpose of the value range?
* If you selected Total Loss Value - what is the best offer you have received from the insurance company, not including taxes & license fees?
Use this email to send additional documents or photos:
Use this email to send additional documents or photos:
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By clicking on "Send" below, I understand that this service is for a market value range and that this is not a certified appraisal but an estimate of this specific vehicle’s value based on my descriptions and information.

Your request will receive our personal attention and you will receive your value range, via email, within 24 hours, during normal business hours.

NOTICE: AAG’s Market Value Range service is not available for one-off, prototype, custom built or highly modified vehicles. AAG retains the right to refuse service at their discretion for any vehicle.


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