For What It's Worth Wisdom and Insight from the Auto Appraisal Group

How to Prepare a Vehicle for SaleSelling a vehicle can definitely be more difficult than buying one! You may need to juggle unreliable online listing services with indecisive and disorganized buyers, all while preparing the vehicle to sell. Many people rely on dealerships to buy their used cars as part of a new car purchase just to avoid the hassle in spite of the well known fact that dealerships rarely offer full value on a trade-in. For those trying to sell an antique vehicle, the process is even trickier. The following tips can help simplify selling or auctioning your vehicle, whether it’s a vintage or late model.

Wash The Vehicle: One of the biggest mistakes people make before selling a vehicle is forgetting to wash and detail the vehicle. Washing your car helps it look well cared for and helps convince potential buyers that it’s in good condition. Vacuuming the inside, waxing, scrubbing the tires and other detailing can be a very effective way to catch the eye of a potential buyer.

Preparing to sell a VehicleGather Your Documents: Make sure that you have the title documents that prove ownership of the vehicle. The last thing you need is to search for a title that may have been misplaced after a buyer has agreed to purchase your car. Before listing your vehicle or advertising it in any way, make sure you have the title in hand, as well as any service documents such as restoration and maintenance receipts, pictures from the restoration, and anything that can document the history of your vehicle.

Watch Out For Scams: Online market places are rife with scams, but many people assume it is buyers who are the victims of these cons and don’t realize sellers can also be scammed. A common ploy is a buyer who offers to pay more than the asking price and wants you to send the extra back to them. Victims of this tactic find that the check for the payment will bounce, but the “extra” money and your property will be long gone before you get a chance to discover the “rubber” check!  Familiarize yourself with common scams like this one so that you don’t fall for them.

Know What It’s Worth: If you have a late model vehicle, you can search the internet to see if similar models are for sale but that won’t give you an accurate idea about your car’s value based on its year and condition. Price guides are averages and just a guide but not specific to any particular vehicle. Watch out for buyers who try to haggle over value based on nonexistent issues.  Keep up-to-date records on maintenance and repairs to avoid selling your car for less than full value.

If you have an antique vehicle, knowing what it’s worth can be difficult, particularly if you have performed modifications or restorations. Consulting an online price guide is not the most accurate way to determine the value of a vintage vehicle. Value can differ widely depending on condition, option packages, restoration, and care. One of the best ways to be confident that you know the value is to get an independent vehicle appraisal that provides complete documentation for a buyer or auction house.  A vehicle appraisal considers the condition of the vehicle, its options, any restoration details, and current market trends to ensure the most accurate estimation of value.

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