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Document Your Auto

Certified Documentation Can Confirm Your Automobile's Pedigree and Protect Your Investment

Why is it important to document the history and value of your automobile?

  • Owners agree that a documented vehicle inspection makes a car more valuable by establishing the pedigree of a classic car, both for collection purposes as well as for future sale.
  • History, originality, preservation, correctness and provenance of the vehicle's components and equipment can add to your vehicle's value, and accurate documentation of these factors is essential to assessing the value of your car.
  • A well documented car appraisal is one of the most important things to have when owning a special interest car, truck or motorcycle. It allows you to note the initial condition in your vehicle appraisal should there be any future need to make a report or diminished value claim to your insurance company, sell the vehicle, or make a settlement.

Do you have historical paperwork or certified documentation for your collector car?

Auto Appraisal Group - Classic Car Inspection SpecialistsSince 1989 AAG has provided certified documentation as part of an auto appraisal to confirm a vehicle's correctness and condition at a specific point in time for collectors, lenders, insurers and restorers. This classic car appraisal service is essential to serious collectors, allowing them to make accurate and confident decisions about how to handle the vehicle.

Car appraisal documentation can add value to your special interest vehicle whether it's a car, truck, motorcycle, original, custom one-off or modified automobile. Knowing exactly what your vehicle is worth is not just a great way to understand its value — a certified vehicle inspection can protect you.

AAG stands ready to certify your vehicle with accurate classic car values from our certified car appraisers and to include it in our database of documented and registered vehicles, providing the freedom to collect with the assurance that you will always know what your collection is worth.

Inclusion in our official registry can add value and prestige to your vehicle, as well as provide proof of its pedigree should a catastrophe arise.

What's included in the Pedigree Package?

Each Certified Documentation portfolio is a vehicle inspection including a complete description of your vehicle. This can include any of the following:

  • Original features
  • Production numbers
  • Build date and location
  • Photographs
  • Copies of original paperwork
  • Build sheets
  • Window stickers
  • Numbers matching verification
  • Condition
  • Quality of build
  • Craftsmanship of customization
  • Awards won
  • Celebrity use
  • Provenance    ... and more

This auto inspection portfolio can protect your vehicle's credibility and add value for the future. It is also an effective way to get to know your vehicle better and document its authenticity.

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