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About Auto Appraisal GroupFounded in 1989, the Auto Appraisal Group takes a unique approach to vehicle appraisals.

If you ask 5 automobile professionals to put a value on a car, you'll get 5 different car appraisals. But if you ask the same 5 car appraisers to use our specially designed inspection form to document the condition, you'll get consistent information from each certified agent, leading to consistent auto appraisals. AAG vehicle appraisals are not just one man's opinion. Our certified vehicle agents are extensively trained and tested to gather information and are supported by a broad base of specialized experts, ensuring that your car appraisal is accurate.

It's not just one man's opinion

Because our certified agents are extensively trained and supported by specialized experts, the expertise of our car appraisers is not simply based on personal experience or basic knowledge. A vast base of vehicle appraisal knowledge goes into each of our vehicle inspections, drawing on many different aspects of auto appraisal and creating a comprehensive evaluation of your vehicle.

Additionally, AAG compiles over 171,000 new sales and value records into our databases each month. This allows us to utilize the most current and reliable resources for research during our comparable valuation process.

Our appraisals are independent

Our primary interest is the client's best interest. Because we don't buy, sell, or insure cars, auto appraisals from our vehicle appraisers are free from self-interest. All information developed is confidential; only AAG and the client have access.

A certified appraisal from our certified car appraisers can save you both money and time.

With an AAG vehicle appraisal in hand, you will have much greater confidence that you won't pay too much, settle for too little or under insure your collectible automobile. AAG's car appraisals, prepurchase inspections and classic car appraisals are recognized worldwide by major insurance companies, lending institutions, federal agencies,and state and federal courts. Knowing you have the best auto appraisal possible will make it possible for you to forgo second or third opinions.

About Auto Appraisal Group and Classic Auto InspectionsWhen is an AAG auto appraisal a good idea?

  • Before buying or selling your car
  • After restoration of a classic car
  • When assessing the value of an estate
  • During negotiation of divorce agreements
  • To prepare for insurance coverage
  • When determining diminished value
  • To secure collateral for a loan
  • When donating your vehicle to a non-profit organization
  • Any time you need to know the current value of your automobile

Why choose AAG?

  • AAG appraised the Harold LeMay collection, which is recognized as the world's largest private collection.
  • AAG is the only nationwide car appraisal company providing the unique resource of independent, trained and certified agents.
  • AAG is the official vehicle appraiser for Carlisle Productions, and has been providing independent vehicle appraisals on their giveaway cars since 1989.
  • AAG has provided expert witnesses to testify in state and federal cases involving property settlements, restoration fraud and insurance matters.
  • AAG accepts VISA, Mastercard and Discover credit cards for payment of services.
  • View our credentials by clicking here.

How does an AAG appraisal work?

  • An AAG certified agent provides an on-site comprehensive inspection of the auto. Our vehicle appraiser takes photographs and pays close attention to each auto's current condition.
  • This information is reviewed and researched at AAG's home office by our master vehicle appraiser. Research includes verification of originality or correctness, market comparable availability and current market value analysis.
  • AAG maintains a central resource data base that records detailed information on every car appraised by the company as well as current sales transactions involving foreign and domestic collectible vehicles.

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