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Auto Appraisal Group Value AppraisalsSince 1989 the Auto Appraisal Group has provided comprehensive value appraisal services for all types of automobiles from circa 1900 to present day. AAG's certified agents are trained to gather vehicle inspection information and tested by AAG, insuring consistent and professional car appraisal services.

AAG's auto appraisals are the best in the business, relying on extensive training and experience passed on by car appraisal experts to experts. Do you wonder "How much is my car worth?" Our vehicle appraisals provide you with the information you need to assess the value of your vehicle so that you can take your next step with confidence.

All of AAG's certified value car appraisal services include an onsite inspection of the vehicle. During this inspection, vehicle appraisers take photographs of the vehicle and gather pertinent historical information as supplied by the owner. Expedited turnaround is available if required.

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